Frankincense & Myrrh – Essential Oil & Fragrance Oil Blend


Amazingly, these biblical oils are extracted in an incredible way. Both frankincense and myrrh are resins – hardened sap from trees. In both cases, trees are slashed and allowed to “bleed.” The sap that comes from the trees hardens and forms beads or “tears.” It’s amazing that the Lord bled for us and also shed tears of blood as His appointed time on that Cross approached. Our product offering would not be complete if we did not offer these special scents. Not only do they smell fantastic, they have many other uses. We should not be surprised as they were gifts to honor King Jesus!

In addition to the honor and status implied by the value of the gifts of the magi, scholars think that these three were chosen for their special spiritual symbolism about Jesus himself—the gift of gold to the Christ child was symbolic of His divinity—God in flesh. The gift of frankincense to the Christ child was symbolic of His willingness to become a sacrifice, wholly giving Himself up, analogous to a burnt offering. Myrrh, which symbolizes bitterness, suffering, and affliction;  a prefiguring of His death and embalming. The baby Jesus would grow to suffer greatly as a man and would pay the ultimate price when He gave His life on the cross as a sin offering for all who would believe in & obey Him.

On top of those divine gifts, did the magi “from the East” know of frankincense’s healing properties when they presented it to young Jesus?

Our oil contains 25.3% of essential oils and resins. The remaining components are natural and synthetic aroma ingredients so you get the very best of both worlds without paying an exorbitant amount of money.

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Potential Health Benefits of  Frankincense Essential & Fragrance Oil

Frankincense resin is thought to have a bounty of health properties – at one time was “used to treat every conceivable ill to man” including arthritis. Modern science has isolated the active compounds found to have anti-arthritic properties. Called boswellic acids, these components inhibit the inflammatory process, improve blood supply and prevent further cartilage reduction. We do not sell Frankincense Essential oil on it’s own. It is mixed with Myrrh and also fragrance oils that are for EXTERNAL USE ONLY! However, this article here will tell you the powerful potential it has on your “electrical system”. 

Modern natural medicine and aromatherapy have taken to the use of the essential oil of Frankincense. The oil, having a warm, woody, sweet aroma with a hint of citrus, is steam or CO2 distilled from the resin. It is used for respiratory conditions such as bronchitis, catarrh and asthma; for wrinkles, wounds and dry skin, and in cases of rheumatism, cystitis and leukorrea.

The most important effect of the essential oil may be on the nervous system. Regarded as an antidepressant, the aroma can both relax and revitalize, and can help in cases of nervous tension and exhaustion. Frankincense oil contains sesquiterpenes, which stimulate the limbic system, the hypothalamus, the pineal and the pituitary glands. The oil is now being researched for it’s ability to increase human growth hormone production. Further, it’s considered to strengthen the immune system, which may in-fact occur as a result of its uplifting properties.

Potential Health Benefits of  Myrrh Essential & Fragrance Oil

Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha) is antimicrobial and
antimutagenic. It is referenced in the Old and New Testaments
(A bundle of myrrh is my well-beloved unto me… Song of
Solomon 1:13). Its’ high levels of sesquiterpenes stimulate the
hypothalamus and the pituitary and amplify immune response.

Flashpoint: 172°
Vanilla Content: 8.00%
Country Of Origin: United States
Phthalates: Product is Phthalate Free

IFRA Maximum Skin Exposure Levels:
Body Lotion: 92.20%Body Wash: 17.20%Soap: 17.20%
Face Cream: 30.70%Body Powder: 6.90%Baby: 30.70%
Perfume: 92.20%Deodorant: 7.60%Lip: 0.00%

Bread of Life Moringa certifies that this fragrance product is in compliance with the standards of the International Fragrance Association, provided the fragrance is used in the above application (s) at the noted maximum concentration level(s).

The “Maximum Use Level for Skin Exposure” is the amount of fragrance, flavor and essential oil that can come in contact with the skin. It does not mean that your base product can perform at these levels. You must test each oil in each application for evaluation of desired performance. Baby products have lower use levels than those listed above.

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