Bread of Life Moringa Cold Pressed Moringa Seed Oil

Cold Pressed Moringa Seed & MCT Oil Infused with Peppermint Esential Oil

In our opinion and many others, Moringa seed oil is the finest oil in the world. Now, imagine adding MCT (Coconut Oil) and theraputic Peppermint Essential Oil and you have a combination second to none. Large cosmetic companies are jumping on the moringa and MCT oil band wagon because of their excellent properties.  It has an high oleic content and its non drying.

An excellent moisturizer, massage oil, antibiotic, anti itch product, mosquito repellent and so much more as we spell out below. Use for body and bath. A little goes a long way. Our moringa oil is first cold pressed with a rich sun flower yellow color. It is run through the press just once thus avoiding excessive heat.

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Moringa seed oil comes from the seeds of an incredible tree originally native to the foothills of the Himalayas. Moringa oil is incredibly light, spreads easily on the skin and is readily absorbed. It’s high in antioxidants that make the oil useful for preventing and reversing skin damage, and its fatty acid profile is similar to that of olive oil. It takes approximately 500 Moringa seeds to produce 1 oz (29.6 mL) of cold pressed oil. This means it takes approximately 35 mature seed pods to produce 1 oz of oil! Now you know why cold pressed Moringa oil can cost as much as $10/oz for small quantities!

Moringa, MCT & Peppermint oil benefits are abundant! The oils have many incredible properties not typically found in a single source. In addition to the oil’s high levels of oleic and behenic fatty acids, the oils have antioxidant and anti-hepatotoxicity properties. This makes the oils a powerful and natural tool for a wide range of applications.ral tool for a wide range of applications.

The oil is actually known commercially as ben oil, and it’s for good reason! This name was derived from the high quantity of behenic acid (up to 9%) that the oil contains. No other oil even comes close to having this level of behenic acid–but more on that later.

Moringa/MCT/Peppermint Oil Uses

A light oil that is non-sticky and absorbs quickly into the skin.

  • Moisturizer: With the oil’s high oleic acid content, it makes for an excellent, non-sticky, skin moisturizer. It can also be used on skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema and chapped lips.
  • Skin and Hair Care: Again because of the very high behenic acid concentration, the oil exhibits conditioning properties that help to keep skin and hair soft and smooth. The oil is very thin and spreads further than would be expected. Simply rub into skin or wash into wet hair.
  • Cleanser: Oil is reported to help eliminate acne and blackheads. It may also help remove spots from acne when used on a long-term basis.
  • Anti-aging oil: Due to the high anti-oxidant and behenic oil concentrations, the oil helps improve and rejuvenate the appearance of aging skin.
  • Carrier oil for homemade massage oils: With the properties described above, the oil makes for a great carrier oil in homemade massage oils.
  • Base for homemade perfume: Since the oil resists rancidity and has such a high oleic acid level, it makes an ideal choice for a perfume base. It also has the ability to absorb and retain scents and fragrances!
  • Base for homemade soaps: The oil has been reported to make a good base for homemade soaps.
  • Other uses: Livestrong published an article on Moringa uses and Moringa oil benefits. They stated the following about the oil from Moringa seeds:

As an astringent, it kills germs on the skin, cures athlete’s foot, and heals warts and wounds.

Moringa Oil Fatty Acid Composition

Data presented in the table below was taken from research conducted on the seed oil from the “Periyakulam 1” Moringa oleifera seed in 2000.

Caprylic acid: C8:0.04Saturated Fatty Acid
Lauric acid: C12:00Saturated Fatty Acid
Myristic acid: C14:00.13Saturated Fatty Acid
Palmitic acid: C16:06.34Saturated Fatty Acid
Palmitoleic acid: C16:1ω-71.28Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acid
Margaric acid: C17:00.08Saturated Fatty Acid
Stearic acid: C18:05.7Saturated Fatty Acid
Oleic acid: C18:171.6Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acid
Linoleic acid: C18:2.77Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acid
Alpha Linolenic Acid: C18:30.20Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acid
Arachidic acid: C20:03.52Saturated Fatty Acid
Gadoleic Acid: C20:12.24Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acid
Behenic acid: C22:06.21Saturated Fatty Acid
Erucic Acid : C22:10.12Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acid
Lignoceric acid: C24:00Saturated Fatty Acid
Cerotic acid: C26:01.21Saturated Fatty Acid
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