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Why Liquid Extract is Superior to Capsules or Powder?

Q: Why are herbs in liquid herbal extract form preferable over dried herbs found in capsule or tablet form?

A: The success of herbal medicines as healing agents is dependent upon how active their constituents (ingredients) are when you ingest them. For maximum therapeutic benefits it is important to take herbs in the form that best captures and preserves their active constituents. Liquid herbal extracts achieve these goals. This is why they are one of the most therapeutically beneficial form of herbs available on the market today.

The body does not need to break down a liquid extract thus allowing more of the medicinal properties to be absorbed into the system. This makes an extract much more powerful than a capsule or tablet. When using capsules or tablets, the body must first extract or break down the medicinal properties of the herb to be bio-available.

Liquid extracts take 1-4 minutes to assimilate whereas capsules or tablets (pills) can take from 20-30 minutes just to break down, before the body can even start to assimilate them. The body uses a staggering 98% of our liquid extracts versus approximately 39-53% of capsules or tablets. In order for any nutrient to reach the cells of the body, it must first be suspended in a solution. Or in other words it must be liquid. As a rule, the nearer a herbal preparation approaches the liquid form, the quicker and more completely it will assimilate and take effect in your body. The conclusion is liquid extracts are the best choice

The herbs found in tablet or capsule form are ground months prior to appearing on store shelves. These products lose many of their active ingredients both when they are ground and while they are in storage. Herbal tablets also contain fillers, binders, and other materials necessary to compress the ground herbs into tablet form. Tablets must also be dissolved by the body’s digestive system before the herbs can be assimilated. Herbal capsules tend to be better than tablets because they do not contain the extra manufacturing materials and they dissolve easily in the stomach. However, if the person is not digesting and assimilating well, the potential therapeutic benefits of herbs in tablet and capsule form diminishes because it is the digestive system’s role to free the active constituents from the fiber and cellulose. Additionally, the herbs in capsule and tablet form lose potency as they are exposed to oxygen (capsules oxidize more rapidly than tablets).

Herbs in liquid extract form, on the other hand, contain no fillers, binders, or “extra” ingredients so they are immediately assimilated into the body. The plant fibers and cellulose do not have to be broken down or digested in order for the body to absorb them. In liquid form, the herbs are immediately available for assimilation into the bloodstream, glands, and organs. Even a person with poor digestion and assimilation can enjoy the full therapeutic benefits of liquid herbal extracts.

Q: Most herbalists recommend liquid herbal extracts over other forms of herbs. Can you explain why?

A: Most herbalists prefer liquid herbal extracts over other forms of herbs for four main reasons: freshness, potency, absorption and formulation.

Freshness: As detailed in the previous answer, herbs in liquid herbal extract form retain their freshness and potency over a longer period of time than ground herbs in capsule or tablet form. Also, in many instances, using fresh [undried] herbs is a unique way to deliver the specific properties and herbal constituents necessary for healing. Liquid herbal extracts are the only type of products that may start with fresh [undried] herbs that are picked and processed the same day to protect and preserve specific active constituents only found in fresh herbs.  On the other hand, herbs found in capsules, tablets, teas, and loose herbs, must first be dried before being used. This process saps them of distinct fresh active constituents necessary for healing. Freshness is also dependent on when and how herbs are ground. Super-cold (cryogenic) grinding, done minutes before extraction of the herbs, is effective in preserving all of the herbs’ active ingredients because it prevents evaporation of essential oils and degradation of other active substances.

Potency: Herbalists have long recognized that potency is not about isolating a single “active constituent”. Potency is the result of the interaction of many constituents within each herb. Herbal products must contain a full spectrum of bioavailable constituents to promote the maintenance of health and support the body’s own healing process. Liquid herbal extracts deliver more bioavailable constituents than any other herbal supplements.

Absorption: Liquid herbal extracts bypass the digestive process and enter the bloodstream rapidly. This makes them the most effective way for the body to absorb the medicinal principles from herbs. Once assimilated, the herbal constituents start working in your body within minutes.

Formulation: Liquid herbal extracts can effectively deliver the healing power of several herbs at once. Years of clinical experience has shown that herbal formulas, comprised of several herbs, produce better results than single herbs. In a formula, each herb is designed to support a specific body system in a manner that complements the action of the other herbs, and the systems they support. Well-designed, time-tested formulations support the body’s healing needs.  [Credit Herbs, etc].

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